Posted by: popsgurl44 | March 26, 2009

Living in a Digital World..and I am..a Digital Girl!

this is my laptop and photo by me

this is my laptop and photo by me

These days more time is spent using online and internet based services then any other common thing we could possibly be doing.

We can hook to the net in so many various ways, leaving no room for our addictive personalities to stray. For many this is a good thing and we savor it. There are some who, well,  just don’t like where modern technology is taking us.

Over the past few months I have come to more conclusions and realizations on this subject.

I for one own a laptop, a PC, a cell, many game systems, a flat screen and much more that makes my life much easier during the day. I enjoy the comforts of this for soul-selfish purposes. 

If I could consider a non-speaking thing my best friend, it just may be my laptop. Granted I don’t take it to the nail salon. But if I wanted to I could. 🙂

I if you haven’t noticed yet, I enjoy writing/blogging. I am considered an introvert on many  a level.  I have and always will be the type to jot my thoughts down at random. I turn those into poetry, short stories and most likely blogs in the future.

The world is my oyster. I sure am eating it up.

I have not always been so willing to share or even voice my opinions.  Especially, to an audience of people I barely know.

This is how blogging helped me:

Blogging seemed such the taboo thing for me. I have read so many weird journals and didn’t really like them. I dislike confrontation, but need be I will stand up for my rights. I was seeming to find most blogs where latent with complaints in one form or another. I don’t like complaining. Of course, I am human and do it myself. So I may be slightly hypocritical in that aspect.

In this world today, however,  I have found it more bearable to deal with those complaints. It’s easier to read a written/emailed complaint over a nagging voice or harsh tone. It gives me more time to decipher the situation. Assess calmly and less destruction comes from it. Well from my stand point that is. Others may prefer the other way or take  the tone in  a complete opposite direction. Words are meant not to hurt but teach and educate.  Often words are misconstrued, be it through word of mouth or written text. Each personality will take one single line and have a different feeling all together. For me, I personally, believe it is just another form of art. No matter how well written or not it shows inside a person.

Technology may seem impersonal to most. When it comes to my life, I prefer it this way. Granted I enjoy face to face human interaction. Life has been easier and more bearable because of technology that I use, such as my blogs.

I have broken out of my shell, shared my thoughts with more then my close net of friends. Accepted criticism and critiques.  I relish, in the fact that I am far more advanced as a public speaker due to my practice through blogs.

I prefer having my alone time. I also value my friends and family time. With my computer I get the right dosages at the right time.

My writing has made me more aware of myself. Thus, in turn, making it easier for me to go out into this digital world with a renewed sense of self-worth.

I blog for me. Selfish purposes.  Guilty, yes!  Readers, are my added bonus and dose of reality.  Sometimes I receive votes of confidence, emails of thanks. Everyone likes a good pat on the back now and again. I for one do.  Other times I have been thrown hate mail and criticisms.  Again, I am not perfect. I take that as my dose of reality. I enjoy seeing what people point out as my flaws. It amazes me to see what different minds pick and choose to comment on.

I am very opinionated. No one is forced to agree or even finish reading my blog.

There are no disclosures stating you will have to fully abide by my rules or else serious consequences. Ahem…Although I may have to add that disclaimer a bit later. Sorry sidetrack of sarcasm was much needed this was getting too serious.

I will always keep writing and enjoying my great comments, and crazy hate mail. In the end someone took time from their day to notice the little things. I made you think. I made you ponder. A laugh. A snarl. Either way I affected you and made a change.

The world is in such a new place, we will forever be catching up. I found my niche , so far, in this consistent change of technology.

I for one am for the upgrade. Not many people can enjoy the comfort of home and family, while working in their pj’s. Nor can they take a sick day and still get on a conference call from bed.

I love what I have in life and where this Digital world has brought me.



  1. Hello there,
    I think you make some great points in this blog. I also embrace technology and my laptop may be my best friend as well! 🙂 I do think that there is a place for blogging and such; however, many bloggers need a lesson in tone. Blogs, emails, and electronic communication leaves a lot to be desired, and tone is very important when utilizing electronic communication. A blogger must be aware of the tone he/she is putting out there and there are various websites filled with tips on how to set a tone (some sites include and a bit about netiquette can be found on this site in fact everyone should read the netiquette website!!!!).
    I have the opinion that a blogger should naturally be aware of technical writing skills and should place value and consideration not only on the content, but the potential reader too!
    I just thought I would throw some thoughts of my own out there to you. I prefer in-person conversing myself, but I can handle online communication too.
    My final thought is that some bloggers leave much to be desired.
    Good topic Amy!

  2. hmmm, for some reason it won’t attach my web addresses in my comment. The best one is about Netiquette

  3. Haha…As Always Amy, I agree. The fact that Heather is trying to state is a good one, although she has to understand also, that to some people TONE isnt on their mind when they write. Tone is the last of their worries. Most people, and I do include myself in this group, blog in my own blog for myself…and I dont care if anyone else reads it. It is written for the purpose of being there when I need to vent. If someone takes the time to read it then they should not be concerned with the tone, but what the person is trying to convey. For some bloggers, its intended purpose is for the blogger to explode onto their “best friend”….
    Im with you though Amy, its much easier to compose yourself and get your ideas out onto a computer…people are not going to understand you face to face anymore than on a computer.

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