Posted by: popsgurl44 | March 1, 2009

To the East Coast : Winter Doldrums

It’s getting to be towards springtime. The time of the year when on the East Coast it get’s warmer but not normally warm enough to walk outside without a sweatshirt. Time when it’s less likely to snow and more likely to rain. Time when it’s windy and cool with just a hint of extra sunshine to the day. A time where in New Jersey the grass is starting to poke out from the mush that became our lawns throughout winter “slush showers.”  A time where in North Carolina I would see those hideous bushes in my front yard start to bloom, yet another year after I had chopped them down to roots.  Oh!,  how I don’t miss those bushes. Nor, do I miss, the slushie front door mat that is semi frozen to the front stoop.  Just frozen enough that the mat becomes a slender sheet of death on ice. Oh, too dramatic you say. What I meant to say is: the mat becomes extra hazardous to my already clumsy feet. Therefore, inducing a sudden rush of  iced over concrete on my all ready non-cushioned bum. (Yes I suffer from no-assatall disease–chronic, it is but I get by none-the-less).  Either way, it is quite the site to see I’m sure! So is the bruising afterwards, yum! You’d think I’d learn, but no, I am a clone to history.
As I was saying before I rudely decided to add my embarrASSment of bum meets concrete to your already fantastic day.
The weather is changing day by day around the world. We wake and emerge hoping for the chance to catch the sunrise or the birds sing. Well most of us do. However I’d rather knock them off with an airsoft gun so I can get the 5 more minutes of sleep. Plus the added bonus of telling my husband I shot another bird today! But you catch my drift about the emergence of  Spring.  Blah, blah, birds, bees, flowers and trees. Melting snow time to go.

EXCEPT, here, yes here in Okinawa it is completely NOT the same. No snow, no slush or mush, no Death Mat of Icy goodness. There is always something here in bloom. There is always something green. I have yet to even imagine ice here. It’s been quite a change living here. Things are blooming yes and beautiful. Then why the winter “doldrums?”  Why am feeling like I do every year around this time? I have nothing to complain about. I have no ice. No snow. Again no chance meetings with frozen concrete.


And still …I sulk as though  winter froze my soul to the East Coast.

Ah, Revelation! My soul to the East Coast.

That’s it ! I miss the East Coast.

Wow, there I said it!

What the heck is wrong with me?


I miss all of it.  Snow, mush, shoveling, yard work, preparing for spring. However, ahem, However I do not miss that dang ice or the BELOW zero temperature that is included with the pre-spring months.

Now that I got that out I feel much better.

I am over it.

Hell it’s 70 degrees and beautiful here.   I told you, you didn’t miss me THAT much! (What a gentle reminder of how much you hate that I am right and are wishing that I was freezing my bum off with you!)


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