Posted by: popsgurl44 | January 18, 2009

Intruder Alert!

Earlier today, we had a fire drill/alarm. Common for the tower apartments. As exciting as that was, teaching Mia the fire route, and keeping her shoes where we can get to them in an emergency. It was not the only thing that was interesting today. After the fire alarm, I stayed and chatted amongst friends. Paul and Mia went right to the apartment. Not realizing anything, they sat down and played a game.  During the fire alarm, something snuck its way into our house. Apparently this is common here in Okinawa.  Paul turned around and saw this 2 inch long thing crawling towards Mia. She freaked!  Calmed down and content with our new intruder trapped in a water bottle, she awaited my return. I walked in and she was acting skiddish. Paul handed her the bottle and said, ” go show Mommy.”   She did, but only after she made sure, it was perfectly closed. She usually doesn’t mind outdoor creatures, but come on do you blame her!  Apparently this is a SMALL one. So here is our Intruder : a Centipede.


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