Posted by: popsgurl44 | January 18, 2009


I told you I was feeling crafty these past few weeks. Instead of the scrapbooking, I took myself to the fabric section of Jusco. (Jusco is like a mall here but a little different) The fabric store is called the Pandora House.  Awesome I know, especially my big obsession with vampires! But, the name doesn’t mean it’s all creepy gothic fabric. I honestly don’t know why they named it that.
I had a baby shower to go to for a friend. Which due to health reasons I missed it. I found it hard to find a gift that she’ll use and incorporating vintage Mickey Mouse. So, during my trip around the fabric stock, I found KAWAII(cute/prettyin Japanese) Mickey Print that you could only find in Japan. Disney is huge here. Although, some things look completely different and you don’t see them in the states too often.
Fabric here has such different patterns. It’s awesome.
So in perusing I found disney Mickey, Minnie, Marie(the girl cat from Aristocats) and Stitch all on one fabric! This was a great find because our friend loves Mickey and Minnie and has a new thing for Stitch.
I was only going to make a pillow and minky blanket but got carried away!
I ventured into making a diaper tote bag. I have never made anything more then pillows and small crafts like our Christmas Stockings. Here is the finished product. I hope she likes it. She’ll be getting it this week. I hope she doesn’t see this post first. If so I have only posted the bag 🙂

I am making two more already too! For friends on my floor. One who just welcomed their new baby boy into the world. The second, is welcoming a baby girl next month. Yay! Marine Corps baby qouta should be met on our floor alone!


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