Posted by: popsgurl44 | January 8, 2009

Shisa Pathway Light

A Shisa is a cross between a Lion and Dog. In Okinawa they are usually seen on rooftops or an entry way protecting homes and businesses.  Most likely found in pairs. One placed on the left, the male, with his mouth open to scare off evil spirits. The second on the right, female, with her mouth closed to keep good spirits in. Occassionally, you’ll see the female with a small shisa next to her. There is a lot of Okinawan mythology and stories about the Shisa Dog.  They are found all over Okinawa. We ourselves, have come across so many, found in interesting settings. Such as: lights, street markers, souvenirs, masks.  Here is an example we found that is being used for a dual purpose.

One of the many Shisa on Island

One of the many Shisa on Island

To learn a little more here’s the wikipedia link. Until I find a better link about the Okinawa Shisa


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