Posted by: popsgurl44 | January 6, 2009

It’s freakin’ freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth!

Ok so it’s been long overdue for a new post. I’m sure I have been keeping you ALL at the edge of your seats.  And my witty sarcasm incurs. 

Anyways ,Paul is busy at the rifle range for the next 2 weeks so I may be able to get a few things done.  Especially computer wise.  He’s an internet hog to say the least. Not too mention while stealing the computer from me (his crashed) he puts in all his LOVELY war flicks.  Not saying I don’t enjoy a good movie about submarines and airplanes and all that is war and conflict but “my goodness”  please give me something here.  I have not only watched Tinkerbell and 101 Dalmatians like 200 times since Christmas but I have seen “The Hunt for Red October” twice in a row. Yes! Twice ..He fell asleep so when he wok up he wanted to watch it over again.  All this because during my doctor’s appointment it started playing and he wasn’t able to finish it there. 

That was the day they shoved a wonderful tube down my throat.  So ansthesia, tube down throat , a Russian submarine movie and some painkillers add up to, well, an interesting dream to say the least!

Can you tell I am craving a good comedy or dare I say a dramatic film in my near cinematic future?

Well, the last few weeks have been crazily odd and hectic.  Filled with the joys of Christmas and New Years and the woes of stomach viruses, colds and awkward throat procedures and blood tests.  I swear the hospital has to have at least a gallon of my blood stockpiled by now!

Mia has grown like a weed. Pardon the age old expressions I am getting to be more my-mother-like in passing years. Mia is now more then half my size! Yes, she is that tall! She’s growing too fast.  She’s has been a bit under the weather lately but much better the last day or so. Paul was sick as well and still a bit run down from it.

When packing for Okinawa, I went through many a conversation and debate on what to bring clothing wise. Do I bring more sweatshirts and winter coats?  How about Mia’s heavy pj’s? We opted to bring sweatshirts and light jackets due to having mostly leather we didn’t want them damaged on the way here. Now, the weather is not JERSEY cold.  We don’t need our snow suits or large winter coats but, it would be nice to have my suede winter jacket, that Paul said I wouldn’t need.  It does feel cold here because the days are so warm. The nights are windy and brisk.

We only live on the third floor of our building and the winds blows like a bad horror flick through our older windows. I can’t even imagine what it sounds like on the top floor.  Our apartment seems to get the least amount of sun during the day. Usually that’s a good thing with the summer heat. Unfortunately, our days have been cloudy and wet for the last few weeks off and on.  In our apartment, we have mostly linoleum flooring which adds to the cold-ness of our home at the moment. We do have area rugs and plan on getting more.  The thing that makes it the worst right now is there is “NO HEAT.”  Yes, no heat.  They(the base commanders I assume) have decided that it’s not necessary to have heat anymore in the tower apartments or the barracks. They ( I am told) think it doesn’t get cold enough to warrant heat. In turn there has been a mad rush at the space heater section of the Exchange and they aren’t so cheap I may add.  We FINALLY got one. Being sick for two weeks and not being able to get warm definitely decided that factor. Plus we were waiting on the re-stock of the heaters.  This so far has been our only major problem with living on base 🙂

We are doing something about it, though, We have started complaints and a petition. ( When I say we I mean other residents and myself)

That has been our dilemma ..hence the bad Austin Powers quoted title… Posts on Christmas may follow shortly along with some photos 🙂



  1. You guys bought a space heater?? Man you ARE in the dark corner of the universe over there in that apartment. We still have a couple of our A/Cs on! And I haven’t noticed the wind rattling the windows at all! So weird.

    Anyways feel better and watch some good movies soon!

  2. Wow..Yeah every night our windows whistle. Normally with this temp at home Paul is still running an ac or fan. It’s crazy because it seems to be warmer outside half the time. I have no idea why it’s so cold here on this side but a lot of people are having the same troubles 🙂

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