Posted by: popsgurl44 | January 6, 2009

I give a hoot!

 So I am filing this under Momentary Craves. I am craving vintage things for my decor lately. One being owls. Unfortunately they’ll have to stay on my wishlist for now, due to my lack of employment. I am still working towards my business but it’s been slow going for obvious health reasons. Eventually I plan on getting this pillow or one like it. I found this lovely plush hoot at Cuore Acessories and Moreetsy shop. I am not sure how we are decorating the house yet. We are still transitioning and getting rid of things.  We decided since the movers damaged most of our things we are going to save for a really nice dining set. Hopefully we will come away from this duty station with more then memories and small souvenirs. Any suggestions on vintage decor or artwork/artists please send my way. I may even feature some lucky peoples’ as well as my own  artwork on here soon.  Can you tell I am finally feeling inspired again?Chewy the Owl Valentine's Day Green Cotton Wool Felt Applique Decorative Home Pillow


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