Posted by: popsgurl44 | December 20, 2008

Step into the Sea

This so far is one of my favorite spots in Okinawa.  It’s right near American Village behind the Okinawa Convention Center (not quite sure yet. I was told by a Japanese man who didn’t speak much english )

You can walk from the back of the Convention Center towards the sports fields. There is a large paved pathway and a few small bridges that lead you to “Pirate Ship Park” or so that’s what we call it. I think it’s Araha Beach but again not sure because I didn’t actually venture that far down yet.

Anyway, this large area is just stone steps that lead right to the water. Along side it people were sitting on the coral/lava rock fishing. It was so beautiful out there.

Again this is why I love Okinawa. I am thankful for these breath taking moments. Also, I guess this is where I thank my husband for still being in the Marine Corps. Without that I probably wouldn’t have ever came to such a place. So I guess I’ll take the 5am PT wake up and the 2 weeks alone because he’s at the range.  Just as long as it’s not another 13 month tour to Iraq. 

So this Christmas I am counting my blessings and holding on to them forever.

I know this post is becoming more sappy by the moment. If you think this is bad you should see my Christmas cards. They went from corny to sappy to just ahh Hell am I ever going to be done!  Step into the Sea


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