Posted by: popsgurl44 | December 15, 2008

Why I haven’t been myself

For those of you who emailed me I figured it was easier to post then write several emails.

And for those who didn’t know what I have been going through the last few months.

I went to the ER about 3 months ago in severe pain.  They thought it was an appendicitis. But the Doc already had me scheduled for an ultrasound on my ovaries to see if there were any cysts. There are NOT thankfully. But during the ER visit they did a CT scan and noticed something odd around my liver. 2 MRI’ s and a CT scan later with still more testing to be done. I was told some results the other day by my Surgeon for my leg (whichI will get to in a second).  He was able to see my MRI results and there are a FEW large masses around/near/in my liver. He wasn’t specific.

My leg has a weird lump on it , which originally was thought to be a knot from the walking cast last year I had from breaking my ankle.
The regular DOC thought it was a hematoma(blood hemorrage)and wanted to drain it. He got a 2nd opinion and they both thought it be best to send me to the General Surgeon.
It is not a hematoma but a large sac-filled mass. Again more tests are needed and an additional CT and MRI on this area to make sure.

Due to the results of the liver they are trying to rule out if they are connected or co-incidental.

At that visit I also had my breast exam and YET another mass was found… So at the early age of 26 I am scheduled for a Mammogram as well.
(My mom is a breast care survivor)
I have blood work and other doctors to see along with more tests.
And to answer any questions I do not know if  its cancer related until I have biopsies done– Whic hare on the agenda as of now.

I am currently on one pain killer and no other medications or vitamins to rule out everything.

I have all these appointments all BEFORE Christmas ….and that is why I have been in a kind of dare I say bitchy mood lately. I apologize for my mood. But as you can see Paul(my husband for newcomers to the site) and I are going through A LOT right now..

This is just the short of what’s going on.  Rather then going into more depth, I leaveyou with a prayer request for us, our families and for yourselves that you may neverhave to go through any of this or even the thought of this.
Sorry to bring you down… We are dealing with this okay but it’s just a bit disheartening that’s all. Thanks to my friends/family for listening and continuing to be there.



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