Posted by: popsgurl44 | November 15, 2008

For My Marine

For My Marine

For Every deployment, I’ll stand by him,
Only to see him leave once again.
Reasons, for this, Some may never know.

Most ask why and how do you let him go?
Your Freedom and Rights, is what he fights for.

My husband protects you, so you don’t feel the pain of war.
All the days he’ll spend so far away.
Right here for him is where I’ll stay.
I will stand by him every second of every day.
Now, that I’ve said these words to all of you,
Expect for me, and my marine, to do what we must do,
And Pray for Him, because he is fighting for
every one of you!

Copyright ©2007 

Written For my husband on his first tour in Iraq 2007..


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