Posted by: popsgurl44 | November 14, 2008

Kokeshi Dolls

My First Japanese Kokeshi Doll

My First Japanese Kokeshi Doll

This is a Shingata-Kokeshi doll or “Creative Kokeshi”  This type is less traditional. The style originated somewhere after World War II.  Kokeshi is originally from Northern Mainland Japan.  I picked this one out because of the Autumn Leaves and Colors.  My husband and daughters’ birthdays are both in the fall. I am completely obessessed now thanks to a fellow Marine wife who has quite the collection of Kokeshi. (pronounced co-KAY-she). I plan on adding more to my collection eventually. If anyone sees anyone of interest let me know! “Domo Arigato!”



  1. This is an unusually appealing example of kokeshi. I find myself agreeing with the late Alan Booth, who writes in his book Looking for the Lost about the unpleasantness of kokeshi. I have one at home. It’s been in its box since I got it some five years ago.

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