Posted by: popsgurl44 | November 13, 2008

Boot Bands

So on a DAILY basis my mornings are filled with the excitement of being mom of two.

To my husband and daughter. 

Most mornings I am awakened at ZERO430 by the incessant buzz of HIS alarm. To no avail he slams the snooze.  Like most people there is a general tug’o war-like battle with the alarm clock in the morning hours. Unlike most, though, I am sure you’re spouse does not start his alarm almost 3 hours earlier than the actual time he has to wake up.  Am I right? 

My husband has to be at work at 0730 most days, some days he goes to the gym so 0600 would suffice, right? Nooo, it doesn’t seem to for him …So we go through this battle from 430 to at least 630. There is knudging, pillow smacking, cover pulling and poking for those two glorious hours everyday.

It doesn’t end there.

After he’s finally decided it’s time to stop fighting it and gets up, we then go through another type of morning ritual.  It varies from day to day. Some days this ritual has even been put aside for a few moments of extra sleep.

This is what I call “Blame the wife” ritual.  It starts with the “Where is this?” or the “Where did YOU put this?”….Most days it can be said I lost, misplaced or moved these common items : WALLET,KEYS, WATCH, KNIFE, PEN, GREEN NOTEBOOK,ID CARD, CREDIT CARD, BELT, COVER, BOOTSOCKS, and my fave BOOT BANDS! 

Now everynight he comes home and shoves most of these items in his boots or leaves them on the counter(Which is a whole other arguement). I don’t move them, I just make them neat and tidy.  But BOOT BANDS seem to be the most lost item of all time in our house.  They are small green rubber band like bands that hold his trousers up over his boots.  They get lost easily, when not put in the confines of his boots. With the added security of boots tucked away in the closet, this hasn’t happened as much as it used to lately. I think he’s finally getting into a groove here.

So, this morning felt like an upheaval of all that is good in this world versus the work of some strange force that likes to move my husbands things. This is where all odds are against him and nothing ever is where it supposed to be, even though it’s been in the same spot for months. 

Now, if you have followed my recent posts about my daughter’s newest obsession this would all seem to make some sense.  At 6 in the morning the brain is still warming up….after the search of the boots, closets, and couches….BANG! my lightbulb appears atop my head:  WHERE”S BAWRRBEE?!?”

To much regret I must inform you “Bawrrbee” may have been harmed in the making of this blog 🙂 At least we found the BOOT BANDS! (pic will be available for viewing soon…computer did not load…maybe because it contains graphic nature)


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