Posted by: popsgurl44 | November 12, 2008

See Jane Blog…See Jane Babble…

 I am at the moment living in Okinawa Japan, due to orders given to my Marine Corps husband. We are both from New Jersey and in the blogs to come I am sure that “Jersey Girl” attitude will shine.  I am the proud mother of a 3 year old that is currently trying taking over the chain of household command by playing mommy against daddy and vice versa. She is perfectly unperfect and total toddler trouble. She is my reason to live and also why I should buy stock in Disney.  She’s quietly mischievous, but pleasantly polite. She’s creative and cunning. She does not say much but actions always speak louder than words. She’s beautiful and I love what she does to my life.  Without her I would probably have died of boredom long ago. Well… her father may have kept me afloat with his antics but nothing compares to the humor of a child.

Our life is far from perfect or the state of perfection.  I am average with the above average aspirations. I love my life, my marriage, my daughter and all the chaos that comes along. It’s our way of living.  Without any of the previous I wouldn’t be me! 

Some of my posts may be boring, some may be opinionated, some just of the entertaining things my 3 year old does on a daily basis. There will be remarks of my military upbringing and what its like to be raised an Army brat then to marry and become a MARINE WIFE.  There will be rants and raves of stressors in my life. There will be cultural things from this beautiful island I temporarily call home.  Things about being a mommy. Things about my hobbies ..And things about things..the Randomness of me! 

Hopefully there will be comedy, there is always plenty of drama!  I will include published poems that I have written. I also will be posting photos. 

I am very open minded and will always love to hear comments on anything. I enjoy arguing to a degree.  I also enjoy anything with the arts. Photography, poetry, drawing/sketching… I am the artsy fartsy type I guess. I will talk to just about anyone about anything…Thanks for reading!


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